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Linebarger is not above the law!



5 Responses to “Comments”

  1. Sissi Yado said

    Can you please tell me who your lawyer is? I need legal representation against the same firm you’re up against. I’m in South Texas and I am strongly confident my grandparent’s business of 32 years was unlawfully taken away because of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, L.L.P.bad business practices. Please, I beg you to contact me as we cannot find legal representation in South Texas. Nobody has the balls to take them on.

  2. Gene said

    I need to send you some pdf files about Linebarger which needs to be disclosed. Please email me back.

  3. Mike said

    Please email your email address to me. I have some information that you may find interesting. thank you.

  4. amy said

    We just got a letter in the email from this Linebarger place in Virginia saying that we owe delinquent personal property taxes from one of our vehicles from 2007. My husband is active duty. We left Virginia in 2006, along with our vehicles. Where do I even begin with this mess?

  5. Anonymous said

    linebarger is a crook…he knew and appoved everthing juan pena did in south texas

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